Energy to Innovate



As a non-profit organization, our goal is to share, inspire and connect people. As a community, we build projects and environments for aspired entrepreneurs, engineers and college students in Bay Area


Fireside Chat

Every two weeks, we host event in Bay Area either in San Francisco or in Palo Alto. Every event we aims to bring entrepreneurs or investors to share their experience in a fireside chat format.



BSCF | Technology and Entrepreneurship

BSCF is one of the largest student-run tech conferences in the US jointly hosted by Berkeley and Stanford student organizations, alumni networks and entrepreneurship centers. BSCF will feature speakers at the forefront of tech innovation and entrepreneurship from the world. Our mission is to give students, founders and investors a platform to share, connect and be inspired.


Decode Silicon Valley Startup Success

This course examines the startup process by breaking it down into 12 aspects. Each class will feature a speaker session where we invite top entrepreneurs and investors from the Bay Area to share with us their insights. Through a semester-long project, students will also have the opportunity to put theory into practice by developing a startup prototype in a small group. The course will teach students the necessary skills to start their own company or to join an early-stage startup.



Bi-weekly Meetup

Every 2-3 weeks, Shinect members will host meet-up events such as hotpot dinner, karaoke night, hiking, badminton matches, etc. We believe in working hard and playing hard at the same time!