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    Shinect is an entrepreneurial community started in Silicon Valley where people get together to share, connect, and inspire each other along their entrepreneurial paths

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    1,000+ elite members from leading tech companies like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Airbnb, Uber, and alumni of Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, CMU, Yale, MIT, Columbia.....

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    Mesh member network with online and offline connections through entrepreneur social events, industry vertical discussions, hackathon, training, and accelerator

    Sharing Culture

    Fun makers, senior scientists, seasoned entrepreneurs, corporate executives and reputable investors members share knowledge with other members peer-to-peer

    Multi Industries

    ~200 full time entrepreneurs and 80+ startups in verticals spanning across enterprise services, big data, mobile, information security, cloud, FinTech, IOT, AI, AR/VR, etc.

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    【Shinect x YC】Start vs Join a startup? Panel Discussion with TOP YC founders

    Joris Poort (Rescale, YC W12), Parker Conrad (Zenefits, YC W13 & Rippling, YC W17), Gautam Sivakumar (Medisas, YC W13), Daniel Odio (Armory.io, YC W17) on how they got started; their opinions around when one should start vs join a startup as well as major turning points / challenges post YC.

    【巷内对话】中美数据大牛教你Big Data的正确玩法





    三月的硅谷正是春意盎然的时节,然而硅谷的科技企业却依旧感受的到隆冬的寒意。美国泛伟律师事务所(Fenwick & West)2月末发布了最新的《2015 年Q4硅谷风险资本调查报告》。

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