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【Shinect x BitTiger】 How Engineers Can Break Into the AI Industry

Please come and join us for a panel discussion on how engineers can break into the rapidly growing Artificial Intelligence industry even if they don't have a deep background in the field.

We'll be covering topics including:

  • Where the opportunities are: how engineers without deep research or work experience in data science or machine learning can find opportunities on AI-product teams
  • The best positions for entering the field: how roles like Data Engineering and Data Visualization are great entry points for engineers with less AI-specific experience
  • How AI product teams work: how companies develop and deliver final AI solutions to customers, and the new roles emerging in the AI industry to support that process
  • Where to focus your learning: what are the key concepts you should focus on learning to be immediately productive contributing to AI products
  • Industry trends: in what industry verticals will there be the most opportunities, and how can you best prepare to enter each industry

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